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    Chappybikepath.com is an open, transparent discussion board available to the Chappaquiddick Community.  It will enable Chappy people , for the first time,  to cast their "votes" on the issue of a bike path on Chappaquiddick.  It will also post any and all relevant material, supplied by any interested party, on a weekly basis to keep this discussion up to date.  Whatever your view, you can depend on Chappybikepath.com to get your message out, reflect the sentiments of all discussion participants, and keep you informed about the latest developments concerning this important issue. 

    Though Chappybikepath.com is not affiliated with the Chappaquiddick Path Committee or the CIA (Chappaquiddick Island Association), it will post whatever may be submitted by both those groups, as well as providing   links to other sites offering information which could help you decide how to "vote" about a bike path on Chappy.


!.  All submissions to this web site are to be addressed to RGBecker@Yahoo.com.

2.  Editing will be limited to redactions of personal attacks (if I can catch them).

3.  All submissions will be posted by date, regardless of content.

4.  The lists:  Three Lists will be maintained by Chappybikepath.com.

   A.  List #1 will include everyone expressing a "Vote" on the issue.  These positions will be determined by the following methods:

        1.  A communication with Chappybikepath.com indicating a position the "Voter" wants to post.  These positions are:  "Against the Bike Path"  "In Favor of the Bike Path" and "Undecided." .

Anyone can communicate with Chappybikepath.com by emailing RGBecker@Yahoo.com, Telephoning Roger Becker at 508 627 8720, speaking to Roger Becker directly, or by writing Roger Becker, 296 Chappaquiddick Rd. Edgartown, MA 02539.  Requests for a posting, removal, or shifting of position can be made, but once anyone has been placed on the list, that person will remain under one of the three headings.

        2.  When a person publicly expresses an opinion clearly indicating a position.

        3.  When a person can be identified as a respondent to another poll or survey as clearly indicating a position. 

   B.  List #2  will be culled from list #1 but will include only those who are registered voters in Edgartown listing their address on Chappaquiddick, those who are listed as owners of property on Chappaquiddick per town records and the co-owners, spouses, or partners of property owners who meet these criteria

   C.  List #3 will be culled from list #1 and will be sorted according to address (Map and lot #) and will thus show only one "Vote" per taxable parcel.  No more than One "Vote" per person.  In the event there is disagreement between spouses, co-owners, or partners, the positions will be marked 1/2. 1/3 etc. 

5.  All other lists, surveys etc. will be included in the dated debate pages and, along with all other submissions, must include the name of submitter. 

6.  Duplicate postings:  Because of limited web space, repetitions and duplications will not be posted.   If a previous submission has been amended and needs to be posted again, amendments must be highlighted or clearly indicated in some other fashion.  

7.  Along with dated debate pages, special features and articles may be posted at the siteboss's discretion to present facts, schedules of public meetings and other announcements helpful to the "voting" population.

8.  Persons found to have no connection to Chappaquiddick will be removed from the lists.



   When the Chappaquiddick community needs to determine where people stand on an important issue like the construction of a bike path along the roads of our little island, there needs to be a reliable source to determine where people stand on the issue.  Surveys conducted by proponents or opponents or even a community group are suspect if they don’t show who the respondents are, and allow those respondents to see who has been included in the survey, as well as the survey results.  Some may not like their positions being made public; but if they are taking a stance on this issue, which is a public issue, their views should be known to everyone, not just a select few.  No one is making anyone choose  between “yes” or “no.” Those who are undecided about the advisability of building a bike path on Chappy can declare themselves “ undecided.”  Choose this position if you don't want to be counted when people ask: "Are you for it or against it?"   Please listen to your neighbors, read about the issue, consider all of its aspects and ramifications, and assess its possible impact  on Chappaquiddick.  Let your neighbors know what you think, then get your name on one of the lists. 

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